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Date: 20/01/2009

Free, Free, Free to all Pubs, Clubs & Bars

The totally free on-line directory and community for Pubs, Clubs and pub goers

ItsOurLocal.com is a great, free on-line community for Pubs, Bars and their customers.


Landlords/managers can register and easily build up web pages detailing their venue, and get great advertising for no cost. They can invite their regulars to join their on-line communities and have fun. Landlords can message their regulars for free!


We get thousands of visitors each day from all over the UK looking for phone numbers, pub food, B&B's or where they can watch Sky sports. You can tell all these people about your pub and be in full control of all its details. You can even show food menus, events or pictures of your letting rooms. 


Its great to be an active member of ItsOurLocal as a pub goer too. You can build up your profile with pictures, videos, stories & jokes. Invite your friends and build up a buddies list. Once you click to become a regular at a venue we will message you if new regulars join or the venue adds new events etc.


You can also become the founder members of your favorate pubs on-line community. You can then add some details about that pub such as opening times and pictures for all to see.


Come on, join now and be a part of the best, most comprehensive, fastest growing pub & bar community in the world!

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