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Royal Oak Brewers Fayre


Royal Oak Brewers Fayre
480 Chorley Rd

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    Brewers Fayre is a chain of around 125[1] licensed family and casual dining pub restaurants in the United Kingdom, owned by Whitbread. They are known for serving traditional British pub food, including gammon and steak & ale pie which are among the most popular choices. Nearly all Brewers Fayres are on the site of a Whitbread Premier Inn hotel.
    There used to be many standalone Brewers Fayre pubs, but in 2006 Whitbread agreed to dispose of the 239 standalone Brewers Fayre and Beefeater sites. These had traditionally lower revenues and as growth had stalled in them compared to the still-growing Premier Inn sites, they were seen as an obstacle to the company''s sales growth. Sites were sold to market rival Mitchells and Butlers, with the standalones that remained being on sites with plans for a future Premier Inn development.

    Read more: Synonyms of brewer — Infoplease.com http://thesaurus.infoplease.com/brewer#ixzz1BfQet8Be


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