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                  The Bridge

The Bridge main image


The Bridge
159 Manchester Road
West Yorkshire

PIN Tel.:

Manager(s): Dawn and Derek

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REGULARS at The Bridge

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 Fruit Machines
 Live Music
 Children welcome
 Real Ale
 Large screen TV
 Beer Garden
 Cigarette Machine
 Draught Beers
 Function Room
 Sky Sports
 Disabled toilet
 Pool Table


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Information about words in this venue name


1. a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road, or the like.
2. a connecting, transitional, or intermediate route or phase between two adjacent elements, activities, conditions, or the like: Working at the hospital was a bridge between medical school and private practice.
3. Naut.
a. a raised transverse platform from which a power vessel is navigated: often includes a pilot house and a chart house.
b. any of various other raised platforms from which the navigation or docking of a vessel is supervised.
c. a bridge house or bridge superstructure.
d. a raised walkway running fore-and-aft.
4. Anat.the ridge or upper line of the nose.
5. Dentistry.an artificial replacement, fixed or removable, of a missing tooth or teeth, supported by natural teeth or roots adjacent to the space.
6. Music.
a. a thin, fixed wedge or support raising the strings of a musical instrument above the sounding board.
b. a transitional, modulatory passage connecting sections of a composition or movement.
c. the contrasting third group of eight bars in a thirty-two-bar chorus; channel; release.
7. Also,bridge passage.a passage in a literary work or a scene in a play serving as a movement between two other passages or scenes of greater importance.
8. Ophthalm.the part of a pair of eyeglasses that joins the two lenses and rests on the bridge or sides of the nose.
9. Also called bridge circuit. Elect.a two-branch network, including a measuring device, as a galvanometer, in which the unknown resistance, capacitance, inductance, or impedance of one component can be measured by balancing the voltage in each branch and computing the unknown value from the known values of the other components. Cf. Wheatstone bridge


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