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                              The Wagon & Horses

The Wagon & Horses main image


The Wagon & Horses
16 Huddersfield Road
West Yorkshire

Tel: 01484 850269


MON: 11:00am - midnight
TUE: 11:00am - midnight
WED: 11:00am - midnight
THU: 11:00am - midnight
FRI: 11:00am - midnight
SAT: 10:30am - midnight
SUN: 12:00pm - midnight

Manager(s): Mike and Pam Cox
come and visit a traditionally run village pub. Enjoy a drink from our extensive range of keg and cask beers and wines. You will find music to you likening on our juke box, or enjoy the ambience of the games room, where you will find a quiz machine and up to date AWP’S and pool table. Pam and Mike welcome you all. Pub food served daily 12 till 2 Sunday lunches 1pm till 4pm

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REGULARS at The Wagon & Horses

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 Bar Food
 Large screen TV
 Real Ale
 Children welcome
 Draught Beers
 Quiz Machine
 Fruit Machines
 Pool Table
 Dogs Welcome
 Outdoor smoking facilities
 Wireless Internet available
 Juke Box
 Car Park
 Function Room



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    fancy one of these...
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    the man of all...
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    mr m in his new...
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    gimme that £25...
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    maldge just nipping...
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    the wagon and horses...
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    starry-eyed suprise...

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