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Tips to Protect Your Privacy

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Its' Our Local.com is a great place to meet new people, chat and flirt, but please be aware that the information you disclose could be used to hurt you. The following list outlines a few ways in which you can keep your self safe.

  • Please don't post anything on It's Our Local.com that you wouldn't want people to know. Remember that other people can access almost everything you type, so just be careful.
  • Everyone wants to be some one else. The Internet and sites like It's Our Local.com give you the oportunity to be whoever you want to be... but please remember that this means that other people may not be who or what they say thay are.
  • We don't stand for harrasment and neither should you. Please do report cases of inappropriate behavour and harrasment to webmaster@itsourlocal.com.
  • Please dont post images or write text that may offend, and remember that your boss or potential employer may find your information on It's Our Local.com.



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